Awesome F/OSS #47

Chevereto for sharing and hosting images, Gerrit for reviewing code and Typemill for managing your content, right in flat files.

Three awesome Free and Open Source projects for you to check out this week:

📸 Chevereto

Chevereto - Image Hosting Software
Image hosting and sharing software that allows you to get your own image hosting service. It’s your hosting and your rules, say goodbye to the closures and restrictions.

Chevereto (code) is a F/OSS image hosting and sharing platform that's easy to use and is great for photographers, content creators and more. It's got an extensive list of features and is a great way to share images.

🧑‍💻 Gerrit

Gerrit Code Review | Gerrit Code Review

Gerrit (code) helps you manage and review your code and is a favorite of large companies as well as small teams. On top of all the features gerrit provides, it's also extensible and can be set up to gate your code (ensuring that code which does not pass tests is not merged).

📃 Typemill

Typemill - A CMS for Micro Publishing
Typemill is an open-source flat-file cms for text-driven websites. Create handbooks, documentations, manuals, web-novels, traditional websites, and more.

Typemill (code) is a flat file CMS for building websites and eBooks. Unlike most other CMSes which require more coimplicated configuration and storage, Typemill works with a simple on-disk file format, and provies a visual editor that you can use to eidt those files.


Thanks for reading, and make sure to support these projects (whether via  Github star, donations or word-of-mouth), and get more recognition to awesome projects.

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