OpenEDX makes it easy for educators to educate and learners to learn. Trusted by huge organizations all over the world, OpenEDX is the premier F/OSS Learning Management System (LMS).

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Open edX – Deliver Inspiring Learning Experiences On Any Scale

OpenEDX (code) is a Learning Management System (LMS), a crucial piece of software for educators and learners all over the world. OpenEDX makes it easier to deliver experiences that encourage learning and build knowledge, and it's trusted by a raft of huge organizations – most people may not know that OpenEDX is also Free and Open Source!

OpenEDX Juniper Release features (

OpenEDX has a huge list of features and is extremely flexible. It's also quite a large piece of software to run, but for organizations that want to build the expertise there is a ton of value to be unlocked here.

OpenEDX has great support for both web based and mobile learning, so it's ready for the current digital age.

Whether you're running an online course, or a full blown in-person class with 100s of students, check out OpenEDX! There's a cottage industry of hosters and services companies supporting OpenEDX so it's easy to get started.