🧮 Rowy

Rowy is a Spreadsheet for your Firebase data. Easy low-code solution for managing your data, and un(b)locking your team members.

Rowy - Low-code backend on Google Cloud and Firebase
Airtable-like CMS for Firestore with a low-code platform for Firebase and Google Cloud. Manage Firebase Auth, instant admin panel, build Cloud functions and more. Get started like no-code, fully extensible via code. Rowy is open source and free!

Got data in Firebase? You would probably benefit from a low-code UI for managing that data. Rowy (code) does just that – it provides you with a spreadsheet view of your Firebase (and soon other databases) data.

Rowy Screenshot (source: https://rowy.io)

Rowy isn't a "no-code" tool – because it doesn't shy away from code. You can write code right in the interface and make magic happen.

With over 4000 🌟s on Github it's well known and well liked by the developer community as well.

Unfortunately Rowy isn't quite docker native and there is no official image, but it's not too hard to build one yourself. There is however, an excellent demo for you to try, and extensive documentation to peruse:

Rowy docs (source: https://docs.rowy.io)

If you need to manage data, and you need to manage data in Firebase, you definitely want to check out Rowy.